Unique and innovative BLUE WINE inspired by Mediterranean people.
blu perfer

Blú Perfer

Blú Perfer is an original young blue wine made from grapes 100% Chardonnay, macerated with extracts of grape skin, obtaining pleasant aromas of cherry, raspberry and passion fruit. With its own personality, owes its elegant blue color to a natural pigment found in the grape skin, Anthocyanin E163.

This unique and innovative blue wine selection is inspired by Mediterranean people lifestyle and culture. Enjoy the flavor of this fresh, soft and tasty exclusive wine.

Country / Source Spain
Grape Chardonnay (100%)
Taste profile Fruity,fresh, soft, tasty, with its own personality
Type / Color Blue wine
Alcohol percentage 11.00%
Serving suggestion Sweet desserts, seafood, appetizers, fish, cheese and of course alone.
Serving temperature 39-43 ° F

Contains sulfites and grape skin extract

About Us

America here we go! After distributing more than 130.000 bottles of our blue wine Chardonnay in different countries around the world during 2016, today we are launching our international brand Blú Perfer in the United States.

Blú Perfer is the first of its kind to hit the US market, made in the only desert in Southern Europe, in the region of Almeria (Spain), it is completely natural. This original blue wine is a real revolution in the wine world, its brilliant blue color is achieved through maceration of young wine of the year with extracts of grape skins (anthocyanins).

With our main warehouse located in the Eastern Coast, we are able to supply our retailers in the states of New York and New Jersey. However, we are working very hard establishing strategic partnerships with other distributors along the country, with the ultimate goal of reaching each US retailer interested in our revolutionary wine , making possible to introduce Blú Perfer in all states.



Blú Perfer owes its bright and elegant blue color to a natural pigment found in the red grape skin called Anthocyanin E-163. This natural colorant…

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