Until not long ago, wine had followed standards established hundreds of years ago. New wine products were added to the market on a daily basis, but all these proposals could be catalogued as red, white, rosé or cavas. Until the blue wine by Perfer came into our lives.

Blue wine is one of the greatest innovations that have been produced in the world of wine in recent years. With this new product, the rules change. The wine market is not only joined by a new color. Through blue wine we also discover a new way of making wine, new raw materials, and new flavors.

Discover everything you need to know about the blue wine from Bodegas Perfer.

What does blue wine taste like?

Fruit. This is the answer if we want to answer the headline’s question and not rely on the taste of wine itself, which is imminent.

A fruity wine. This is what blue wine is called.

If we want to look for a resemblance to the taste of classic reds or whites, we will say that blue wine is closer to the taste of the latter. It is more refreshing than red wine, with fruity touches similar to those found in white wine.

Unmistakable nuances

However, to this pure flavor, sweet and fruity nuances are added on the palate, which will improve the sweetness of this explosive blend. In it, we find a fresh and smooth flavor that adapts to all palates with fruit aromas, where you can appreciate in the wine flavors to cherry, raspberry or passion fruit.

If you want to know a little more about the curious taste of this new proposal… Nothing like buying a bottle on our website or associated liquor stores.

Why does the blue wine have this color?

The first attraction of the blue wine is precisely its color. This wine is colored by the anthocyanin found in grapes, an innovative product that adds freshness to the world of viticulture.

It’s the natural pigment that gives color to grapes found in some with cold tones close to purple or blue.

Where does blue wine come from?

Bodegas Perfer’s blue wine comes from the Chardonnay grape and red grape skins, which give the blue tone to the beverage.

However, it is not only its blue tone that makes our wines stand out.

How many types of blue wine are there?

Blue wine can be purchased in different varieties and types. In our shop you will find Chardonnay Blú Perfer and our exquisite Blue Brut (a blend of white grapes), soon we will include a third variety, the Blú Perfer Frizzante (50% Sauvignon white and 50% Airén).

What foods can I drink the blue wine with?

The taste of blue wine is perfect to enjoy meals whose protagonists are seafood and fish. We can pair it with any dish with prawns, mussels, clams, lobsters…

But it is not only ideal for seafood products. It also goes well with all types of pasta and cheese. For example, we can have a perfect lunch if the pairing of the blue wine is a delicious stuffed pasta or why not, rice.

Discover the full potential of our blue wines with a good seafood paella. And if you want to focus on its entire flavor, it can also be drunk alone.

How much is blue wine worth?

The price of our blue wines is affordable, as our bottles of blue wine sell for $13.99 – $18.99.