The first step is to purchase a bottle. The second is to accompany the best meal with an exceptional pairing. Do not fail in your friend’s meetings and present the blue wine with the best combination.

Although the range of wine products has increased in recent years, wine standards have been established for decades. There are very few new proposals that can make a niche in a market where reds, rosés, whites and cavas have their strict uses and methods of consumption. When we want to accompany a meal with wine, we know perfectly well what kind of wine we should use and, if we are true wine lovers, we will have a varied selection of vines according to our palate and the event in which we are enjoying the bottle.

The blue wine revolution

Blue wine, which receives this coloring thanks to anthocyanins, is an innovative product that brings freshness to the world of winemaking. This new combination of colors and flavor has turned the world of wine upside down in recent years. Its fruity flavors and characteristic tonality generate debates in the wine tasting and wine lovers’ communities. Beyond discussions, this variant of wine is becoming more and more established on the market and finds thousands of lovers around the world. But the question we ask ourselves is this: Are we blue wine consumers using it correctly? Discover how to accompany this wine specialty and succeed in your friends’ gatherings.

With blue wine, it’s very hard to miss in a meal. If we forget about its coloring and let our senses work, we will find very familiar nuances for any diner. A good nose will find our close friend near the white wine. But we won’t keep the pure taste but will explore in our palate sweet and fruity nuances that will improve the sweetness of the mixture.

For seafood, fish or pasta

If you don’t want to fail, go for the classics. The blue wine is designed to accompany the best seafood and fish. You can pair any dish that includes mussels, prawns, crayfish, clams or lobsters. We won’t just stand there, because you’ll also succeed if you prepare a hearty plate of pasta. Whether you choose ‘farfalle’, ‘fusilli’, ‘tagliatelle’ or ‘ravioli’ you will always be on the right track. Our recommendation is to opt for any type of fresh pasta stuffed, for example, with foie gras. The last recommendation we make for this bottle is rice. You will discover its potential when you accompany a good seafood paella.

Accompany your meals with a touch of fantasy

Its refreshing tasting allows it to accompany any type of light meal. Beyond the different types of dishes, we recommend, you can explore using a bottle of blue wine to surprise your diners at a meeting or party. Accompany appetizers or salads in a casual meal. A secret of this variety is, thanks to its good performance with rice and fish, its success when accompanying a sushi dish.

Each bottle of Bodegas Perfer has its peculiarities, but if you have a trained nose you will find hints of raspberries, passion fruit, banana, pineapple, mango or citrus fruits. Explore Blu Perfer, Frizzante or Blue Brut to find your own approach to the aroma of this sparkling flavor.

Health Benefits

Also, don’t forget what a good bottle of blue wine can bring to your health. The benefits of this wine come from anthocyanins. These pigments have antioxidant properties, thus preventing skin aging and cellular oxidation. To these anti-aging factors must be added the classic benefits of wine such as its help to burn fat, keep teeth healthy and improve mental agility.

Now you are more prepared than ever to surprise your visitors with a good feast accompanied by the best wine. Trust us and dare to buy a bottle of the magnificent blue wine of the province of Almeria.