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The blue wine is based on the elaboration of a single-varietal white wine with 100% Chardonnay grape. Obtained the wine that is used as base, the secret of the blue wine is in the recipe of the maturation, completely personal in the style of the old masters of the vermouth. A demanding selection of the ingredients and the dominance of the rest times must perfectly combine in the stillness of the wine cellar. For the maceration, Bodegas Perfer is using stainless steel tanks with 15,000 liters of capacity are used.

For about fifteen days, the white wine rests under controlled conditions along with the mixture of grapes and other fruits. With the passing of the days, the base wine is completely impregnated with the fruit aromas and acquires its bright, intense and incomparable blue tone that makes it unique. The manufacturing process culminates with the filtration phase, which removes all vegetable residues from the fruits used during maceration, and with manual bottling.

The magic obtained in the winery reaches its maximum expression when the wine is served very cold at the moment of tasting it.  Bodegas Perfer is marketing its blue wine, in almost all Europe and Asia as well. The expectations are of continuous growth, since the blue wine is liking in distant countries and very different to the Mediterranean concept of the wine. Russia and now USA are good examples of emerging markets for this exclusive wine. The current production of about 400,000 bottles a year is already small and plans to increase short-term production are immediate.